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Personal Injury

Have you been injured in an accident? Have you been the victim of a Hospital or Doctor's malpractice? Or worse, have you lost a loved one because of someone's negligence? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, a team of experts, including the insurance company adjuster, attorneys and investigators are working against you right now. Their experts are trying to blame you, minimize your injuries, prove your injuries existed before the accident and belittle your pain. You need someone to fight back for you. You need an experienced attorney. You need an attorney who is not afraid of these insurance company experts and can take them on in the courtroom for you.

CLARK LAW OFFICES are able to provide you with just such an attorney. Our 20 plus years experience has provided us with invaluable experience in two areas that are critical to personal injury cases: Negotiation and Trial work. As a general practitioner John K. Clark, Jr has negotiated the resolution of thousands of cases. When negotiations broke down, he was able to successfully represent the client with his trial skills. These skills, negotiations and trial work are exactly the skills needed to successfully pursue your personal injury case. John K. Clark, Jr. of CLARK LAW OFFICES has the experience to negotiate, and if necessary try your personal injury case against the insurance companies and their team of experts. If you have been a victim, contact CLARK LAW OFFICES for a free initial consultation. Simply tell the receptionist that your issue pertains to personal injury.


  • We will NOT and DO NOT represent Insurance Companies.
  • If we take your personal injury case, we will do so on contingency--"We don't get paid  unless YOU get paid!!"

Wrongful Death

Next to medical malpractice fatalities, deadly highway collisions result in more wrongful deaths than any other cause. If you have lost a family member in a fatal car accident, contact CLARK LAW OFFICES for a free initial consultation. Our experienced and courteous staff is ready to help Ohio families determine what was the the cause of the unfortunate and fatal accident that took their loved one and who should be held accountable for their death.

We represent clients with wrongful death cases involving:

  •      Automobile accidents
  •      Large Semi-tractor trailer crashes
  •      Missing or Improper warning devices (eg railroad crossings)
  •      Motorcycle accidents
  •      Slip and fall accidents
  •      Hunting accidents


  •   We will NOT and DO NOT represent Insurance companies
  •   If we take your wrongful death case we will do so on contingency--"We don't get paid unless YOU get paid we will get you the justice and financial security you deserve.

We have successfully handled numerous wrongful death claims and attained winning ruling for decedent's estate and heirs. No matter how much time has elapsed, we will work tirelessly to win your case.

Get justice and put your wrongful death case to rest with the help of Clark Law Offices.